Install From Scratch

To install users on a brand new jumpgate app is really easy. When you are setting up, modify your jumpgate:setup command.

Instead of:

php artisan jumpgate:setup


php artisan jumpgate:setup --users --force

{info} The --force flag allows users to publish over existing files.

Install Using Command

To do this, you can run the php artisan jumpgate:setup-users command from your terminal. You can add the --force flag. but be warned, this will overwrite some of your files. To see a full list of what files will be written you can look on the JumpGate Users GitHub.

Install Manually

If you don't want to use the built in commands, you can install users manually anytime. Just follow these steps.

composer require jumpgate/users
php artisan package:discover
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="JumpGate\Users\Providers\UsersServiceProvider"

At this point you will want to update your new config/jumpgate/users.php file. Make sure to check the big things such as whether or not you want social auth and if you want that to be the only auth. Once you are done editing this file, can finish up.

Finishing Set Up

In all of the above cases you will still want to update your config/jumpgate/users.php file and then run this last command. This command sets up the database and seeds everything.

php artisan jumpgate:user-database