JumpGate is meant to be a quick boilerplate for spinning up a Laravel application. It is designed to be very quick to set up, very easy to use, and most importantly, stay out of your way. By that we mean that we offer lots of helpers and tools, and exactly zero of them are required for you to use. Use what you want, ignore what you don't.

Currently we ship with the following packages/versions by default.

Package Version Links
Laravel 8 Github Docs
Boostrap 4 Docs
VueJS 2 Docs
InertiaJs 0.8 Docs

And the following JumpGate packages.

Package Version Links
Core 3 Github Docs
Database 3 Github Docs
Menu 2 Github Docs
View Resolution 4 Github Docs
Users (Optional) 5 Github Docs

Here are some extra packages that are in use that you may need to dive deeper into from time to time.

Package Version Links
Laravel Mix 6 Docs
Laravel Telescope 4 Docs
Laravel Horizon 5 Docs
LaRecipie 2 Docs
LaraTrust 6 Docs
Debugbar 3 Github
Ziggy 1 Github