Menu Quick Start


This is a short guide meant to get you up and running quickly with our custom menu system.

{success} To learn more about the methods available check out the class references, or the full example.

Creating a new menu

When adding a new menu you need to specify the menu name. This is the name that will be used to access the menu object in the future.

$leftMenu = \Menu::getMenu('leftMenu');
// $leftMenu = menu('leftMenu');

Adding a link to the menu

To add a link to the menu you just call the method link(). This method takes a slug as the first parameter. This slug is used in insertAfter() and insertBefore(). The second parameter is a callback with your link data.

$leftMenu->link('home', function (Link $link) {
    $link->name      = 'The name of the link';
    $link->url       = 'A url or you can use the route method with a laravel named route';
    $link->options[] = 'Add another option here';

Adding a drop down to the menu

To add a dop down just add use the dropDown() method. The first parameter is the slug. The second is the display text for the drop down. The third is a call back where you wil add your link methods.

$rightMenu->dropDown('user', auth()->user()->email, function (DropDown $dropDown) {
    $dropDown->link('profile.edit', function (Link $link) {
        $link->name = 'Edit your profile';
        $link->url  = 'user/profile/';
    $dropDown->link('logout', function (Link $link) {
        $link->name = 'Logout';
        $link->url  = route('auth.logout');

Accessing the menu

Anywhere in your code base after the menu has been created you can call the render() method.

$menu = \Menu::render('leftMenu');
// $menu = menu()->render('leftMenu');

This will return your menu object. From there you can loop through the links and add the appropriate html.

@foreach ($menu->link as $link)
    <a href='{ {$link->url}}'>{ {$link->name}}</a>