Model Traits


This trait adds two scopes to your mode: active() and inactive(). As they suggest, they query that the activeFlag column on your model is 1 or 0 respectively.


This trait is used to make sure that any column in the $uniqueStringColumns array has unique strings. It will generate a string using Laravel's Str::random() with the limit you set with $uniqueStringLimit. It then checks that the column in question does not somehow already have that string. If it does, it will generate a new one until it is unique.

To use this trait, make sure you add the following properties to your model.

 * Any field in this array will be populated with a unique string on create.
 * @var array
protected static $uniqueStringColumns = [];

 * The size string to generate for unique string column.
 * @var int
protected static $uniqueStringLimit = 10;


This trait ads 4 new scopes to your model. the order by scopes use the created_at column while the name scopes use the name column.

  1. orderByCreatedAsc()
  2. orderByCreatedDesc()
  3. orderByNameAsc()
  4. orderByNameDesc()