Helper Classes


The BaseModel class is used by all JumpGate models. You can remove this by changing what your local BaseModel extends or by setting public $jumpGateCollections to false in your models.

You can also set the protected static $observer property to an observer for your model and it will be automatically registered for you in the boot() method.

{info} You can learn more about Laravel model observers on their docs.


The BaseRepository is an abstract class meant to handle some of the common methods repositories could need. This includes find($id), findFirst($id), orderByName(), and paginate($count). It also has a magic call to try to find what you might be calling locally or on the model.


This package comes with quite a few collections. You can look into the ones below to get more details on the specific methods they offer.


All of these traits are included in both SupportCollector and EloquentCollector classes.


This trait adds the ability to tap through items, call methods on all items in a collection and tap through items.


This traits gives collections the ability to parse from any starting point and also explode a string directly into an array.


This trait adds all of our nice getWhere helpers to collections. You can see more details on this on the collections page page.


The ActiveScopes and OrderByScopes traits are included by default on BaseModel. You can get details on the model traits at the Model Traits doc.